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The Church

Religion played an important role in the community. When the Icelanders first arrived the island was served by two ministers who traveled throughout New Iceland and held services in homes until the churches were built. However, the two pastors, Reverend Thorlakson and Reverend Bjarnson, disagreed strongly on church doctrine and the potential of the colony. In 1878, convinced that the colony would eventually fail, Reverend Thorlakson led a large number of settlers to the area around what is now Icelandic State Park near Cavalier, North Dakota. Only eight of the original 26 homesteads on Hecla remained occupied after the exodus, but new arrivals from Iceland took the place of those who had left and the Church became a vital force in helping the community overcome the hardships of pioneer life.


Non-denominational Services

Everyone is invited to worship at the Hecla Village Church Sunday @ 11 am during the summer months.

   Contact:  Maxine & John Ingalls
Lot 20, Hecla Village, Hecla Island, MB

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